Business Overview

We can propose solutions tailored to customer needs through a wide range of domestic and international products, from construction and road-paving machinery to peripheral materials necessary for civil engineering and architectural construction. Alongside this, we develop original products that leverage IoT and AI to address societal challenges like the recent labor shortages at construction sites and measures against global warming. Also, we conduct auctions of used construction machines through our YUMAC business, where we sell high-quality used Japanese construction machines and peripheral equipment globally.

  • Trading Functions

    We have expanded our sales network for a wide range of product categories both domestically and internationally. In Japan, we leverage our nationwide network based on the rental company association (YRA) to further expand sales opportunities to rental operators.

  • Engineering Functions

    We have established a system for the import, pre-shipment inspection, sale, and aftercare of imported machinery. We prepare and maintain products from foreign manufacturers before delivery, ensuring they are in optimal condition for our domestic customers.

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