Overseas Business

Brings products and solutions developed in Japan
to overseas markets and provides new value.

Overseas, especially in emerging countries, further growth is anticipated in demand for industrial, urban, and infrastructure development. At the same time, there are also calls for efforts to address the social issue of environmentally conscious development.

We will expand our overseas business by leveraging our comprehensive procurement capabilities that allow us to provide total support in manufacturing, home building, environment building, and town building. Moreover, we will contribute to forming a sustainable society by advancing businesses that solve social issues such as carbon neutrality, automation, labor-saving, and resilience and security.

  • Integration of Thai Subsidiaries

    For the duration of Growing Together 2026, we will focus on Thailand, reinforcing our investments and initiatives.

    Thailand, which has seen significant industrialization recently, has emerged as a crucial hub for manufacturing in the ASEAN region. Since establishing our first local subsidiary in Thailand in 1974, we've built nearly 50 years of operational experience. Along with our existing industrial and residential sectors, we plan to expand into the construction sector (building materials and machinery), leveraging our collective strength with an aim to make Thailand a base for promoting our overseas strategy.

    Our base in Thailand will be developed as Mini-YUASA, akin to YUASA TRADING in Japan, encompassing functionalities of various business sectors. In line with this, we are preparing to consolidate our two existing local entities and establish a new office for future functional enhancement. This new office will also feature a showroom displaying our product lineup, offering a space to experience convenient lifestyles and solutions for societal challenges.

Green Business

Supporting our business partners' transition to carbon neutrality with one-stop solutions.

With climate change challenges like global warming, there is demand for reduced CO2 emissions throughout the entire supply chain, including overseas. There is also increasing demand for carbon neutrality, especially among our partners involved in manufacturing, home building, environment building, and town building.

Our specialized energy-saving consulting division, YES (Yuasa Environment Solution), draws from our cultivated environmental solution expertise to support our business partners in propelling their carbon-neutral initiatives.

  • Carbon Neutral Initiatives

    Leveraging our strengths and vast network, we offer seminars on installing energy-saving equipment and provide information on grants. We also utilize the consulting functions of YES to support our nationwide business partners in their pursuit of carbon neutrality . Furthermore, we will promote solutions that use IT technologies such as cloud and IoT to visualize CO2 emissions for our construction industry clients who are already implementing initiatives.

    Moreover, we will create new solutions by developing and discovering eco-friendly, high-added-value products and connecting with manufacturers possessing advanced technology. This will contribute to solving social challenges on both the intangible and tangible fronts.

Digital Business

Supporting on-site problem-solving with the promotion of robotics, AI, and IoT.

A decrease in the working-age population due to demographic changes is a challenge shared by developed nations, including Japan. The workforce shortage is particularly pronounced in manufacturing and town building, where there is also a growing demand for productivity improvements.

At YUASA Trading, we aim to solve societal challenges and pursue sustainable growth by introducing digital technologies like robots, AI, and IoT and leveraging our extensive network of 6,000 key suppliers and 20,000 key sales partners.

  • Digital Solutions that Enhance On-Site Productivity

    We will bolster our offering of high-value products and services by promoting labor-saving and manpower-reduction solutions that address on-site challenges.

    We will develop and provide new solutions that balance work efficiency and accuracy, such as AI-based beverage foreign object detection devices and autonomous robots for concrete moisture control at construction sites, emphasizing “productivity enhancement through digital utilization.” Through this, we will create more opportunities to provide solutions and make sales by linking all YUASA TRADING Group products and networks.