Honesty and Trust

YUASA TRADING has contributed to the further development of prosperous, humanitarian societies by valuing mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationships in all countries and regions of the world, with a focus on maintaining harmony with the global environment.
YUASA TRADING has striven to establish itself as a trusted and well-recognized company by conducting fair and sound activities with an integrity based on our awareness and understanding of racial, religious, cultural, behavioral and regulatory diversity throughout the world.

Enterprise and Innovation

YUASA TRADING properly assesses the scope of its business flexibly and in response to social needs, with the aim of forming a group of advanced, innovation-oriented companies.
With its lean and rational structure, the company also seeks to provide a high level of customer satisfaction by introducing outstanding technologies and products and developing systems and services through its highly specialized divisions and the Group companies.

Regard for the Individual

In addition to respecting employee individuality and rights, YUASA TRADING pursues entrepreneurial spirit and revolutionary ideas and focuses on shaping the workplace environment based on the organization and rules founded on concepts of mutual trust and a mindset of collaboration.
Employees clarify their own goals and responsibilities, pursue outcomes, and divide management roles by exercising creativity in business activities. The company distributes the results and responds to employee contributions based on the results of activities.