At the YUASA TRADING Group, we are advancing the medium-term management plan Growing Together 2026, which targets the three years from April 2023 to March 2026. This is the 3rd stage towards realizing the YUASA VISION 360, looking ahead to the 360th anniversary since our founding in 2026.

In this plan, we aim to enhance profitability through our "TSUNAGU" innovation model that solves societal issues by connecting people, goods, money, information, data, and technology. At the same time, we are focusing on expanding our strengths into growing markets like overseas, green, and digital to ensure growth. We are targeting consolidated net sales of 576 billion yen and a consolidated ordinary profit of 20 billion yen for the fiscal year ending March 2026.

Regarding our shareholder return policy, we pledge to maintain a shareholder return ratio of over 33%. We have set a dividend on equity (DOE) of over 3.5% as our KPI, ensuring a steady return to our shareholders.

We sincerely ask all our shareholders for your continued support and encouragement.

Hiroyuki Tamura,
Representative Director, President & CEO