Business Overview

YUASA NENRYO is an energy company whose main business is the operation of gasoline stations and is developing services such as car maintenance.
YUASA LUMBER sells imported lumber and is expanding into sales of domestic lumber.
YUASA PRIMUS sells home appliances to hardware stores and electronics retail stores and also sells via its website.
YUASA SYSTEM SOLUTIONS is developing its business in a wide range of domains, including providing total support for information systems.
They have also formed a capital and business partnership with connetome. design to provide AI-driven strategic consulting.

  • Marketing Functions

    For home centers, electronics retailers, and large supermarkets, we operate the development, import, and sales of seasonal appliances (such as fans and kotatsu) along with home and cooking appliances. We focus on capturing user needs and developing original home appliances tailored to changing consumer lifestyles, with an emphasis on necessary functions and design features that have been gaining attention in recent years. We also operate the e-commerce store, and we are strengthening our sales structure by expanding our lineup.

  • Trading Functions (Lumber)

    We use various types of analysis and demand forecasts that leverage our nationwide unique IT and logistics network to provide products tailored to customers’ explicit and latent needs.
    We also have Stock and Delivery Solution Functions for various manufacturers’ products, enabling the swift delivery of products.

  • Trading Functions (Fuel)

    As an energy solutions partner to our customers, in addition to selling various fuels, we realize an energy mix suitable for a low-carbon society through energy source conversion and proposals for facilities that leverage our energy-saving expertise. Also, we operate gasoline stations and sell petroleum products through our consolidated group company, YUASA NENRYO.

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